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::> I Can No Longer Stomach Middle Class Americans of the Commissar Caste

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I Can No Longer Stomach Middle Class Americans of the Commissar Caste
Cheaper to rent slaves than own them- by Joe Bageant

These people do not consider themselves affluent or their families particularly elite. Yet their kids, after finishing expensive educations, will eventually take the reins of the administrative class, university deans, government bureaucrats, financial managers, publishing and electronic media people, etc. Then they will continue to stick the ole prickly pear to the other four-fifths of Americans, not to mention the world, without flinching. And they will continue to consider themselves quite ordinary Americans, and expect their children to do even better. Though it is nowhere near the middle demographically, this is the true middle class in America, the only group that meets the criteria we are trained to associate with the term "middle class." In truth they only represent about 20% of the population. The dangerous 20% in my opinion. Not that they ever ask me.

I'm like everyone else in my generation. I was raised on Ozzie and Harriet and the Dick Van Dyke Show. So the image of the middle class American life fried into my cranial wiring by the great hologram burner looks like that. People stashing money in the college fund for the Beav, and never getting tired or dirty at work ... sporting Argyle sweaters and smiling affectionately, asking, "Are you boys ready for a milk shake?" (Ozzie always had time to make a fucking milk shake. Did that guy ever actually go to work?). However, if the middle class is defined as the middle of the middle of Americans, then the real middle class guy or gal is probably driving a car parts delivery truck or clerking at the mall.

Anyway, I'm just et up wif class rage bubba! I can no longer stomach middle class Americans of the commissar caste. I'll blame them for any fucking thing I can think up. Because it is they who enable the great faceless economic machine to grind the piss out of the other four-fifths of the population. They've got theirs and they'll blow whoever they must to keep what they’ve got. The core of this nation’s gutlessness rest with this national bucket of soft little maggots. Because on the whole they are the only class with even modest political power politicians would actually listen to them if the screeched about justice instead of losing 10% on their 401Ks. But they won't. So I lay much of this nation's planetary and societal criminality on this three-quarter million dollar fuck-box crowd.

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